How to Make Drastic Changes to Your Company’s Health & Safety Culture

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Everyone reading this has likely already had the inkling that having a strong health and safety culture within your company is of the utmost importance, especially in high risk industries like mining, energy, and construction, but you’d be surprised that not all companies have gotten the memo. Health and safety culture over the last decades are thankfully being viewed as a fundamental part of doing business and not just a tick off a checklist. If you feel that your company might be lagging behind in this department, a good place to start would be to enroll your employees in health and safety online courses in Midlands

Here are four effective ways to improve your health and safety culture in the workplace: 

  1. Communication 

Communication is critical when it comes to safety. Why? There is a simple reason- safety issues can only be addressed if you know they exist. The unfortunate reality is many minor incidents and close calls go unreported. Therefore, underlying problems are not fixed until they cause a serious accident. Engaging your employees through conversations in safety culture, gives them the opportunity to bring attention to safety issues. Also, when supervisors and safety managers are constantly discussing safety, they set the tone for everyone else – safety should be top of mind.

  1. Involve Employees 

Getting everyone involved is a failsafe strategy since the safety department can’t be everywhere at once. When there is a culture of safety, employees know they can take the lead when a situation demands it. With health and safety training online in London, they will confidently know how to identify and avoid hazards, and they’re empowered to make their own decisions and stop any activities that cannot be completed safely. 

  1. Provide Training 

If you’ve had the chance to work in different settings, chances are that at some point in your career you’ve sat through poorly executed safety training. The reality is that the substandard delivery of safety information does not yield good results and retention. With the best health and safety online courses in London you can create customized training programs for each job position, while keeping track of progress and finding areas of opportunity.

  1. Lead By Example 

People that are assigned to positions of leadership naturally have the power to influence the actions of their subordinates. They set the tone and standards and there is a trickle-down effect at all levels. When management visibly doesn’t adhere to proper health and safety practices, it sends a clear message that safety is secondary!

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