Providing Health and Safety in a Gig Economy

Providing Health and Safety in a Gig Economy

If you have ever driven a car or ridden a motorcycle on a short-term contract, there’s a high chance you’ve participated in the gig economy. With the rising popularity of companies such as Uber, the gig economy has more than an estimated 5 million workers in the UK alone. Jobs in the gig economy have increased in popularity because they often provide more flexibility than the traditional workforce. Many workers utilize these jobs to supplement their income and as demand increases, these jobs become easier to obtain.

What is the gig economy?

In the gig economy, companies hire independent contractors or freelancers who are also commonly referred to as gig workers. These workers are typically paid a per-gig rate instead of being paid with an hourly wage and benefits. In most countries, gig workers are categorized as contract workers and do not receive the same benefits and training as the traditional workforce does. In most cases, these workers are responsible for managing their work in a way that does not impose any health and safety risks onto themselves or others.  For most gig economy jobs, benefits aren’t part of the package because the worker isn’t a full-time employee.   

Health and safety in the gig economy

How many gig workers do you know are equipped with health and safety training online courses in Midlands? As the gig economy continues to grow, the companies hiring gig workers are beginning to come under scrutiny –especially in terms of the health and safety of gig workers.

In the traditional economy, employees typically go through a training or onboarding process when starting a job, while gig workers rarely benefit from health and safety training online courses in London.

What can organisations do to ensure health and safety of their hired gig workers?

Studies have found that there is a fast growing percentage of gig workers in the UK supporting unionizing. Of those that support unionizing, 39% do so with the hope of achieving better workplace health and safety practices. Gig workers are beginning to mobilize and fight for better rights and protection.

Companies are beginning to turn their attention towards providing health and safety training courses in London for their gig workers. The effective management of health and safety is vital for any organisation, whether the main aim is legal compliance or best practice.

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