Why You Need to Add Online Health and Safety Training to Your Current Workforce Safety Training Program

Health and Safety Training

If your company already has a current workforce health and safety training program, you might wonder what you could possibly benefit from supplementing it with Health and Safety online courses in London.

Accountability, Responsibility, and Tracking of Safety Training

One of the greatest benefits of health and safety training online in London is that they notify employees of their safety training assignment, and this helps them become accountable and responsible for completing their own safety training on their time.

Online health and safety training also has the technology to notify employees’ supervisors on the progress and training completion status. If one of your employees is not attending to their assignments, their supervisor could then check in on them to find out why. This method of delivery leads to higher completion rates of safety training.

Standardize Your Safety Training & Safety Messages

Especially those with a large workforce, companies find it challenging to deliver the same consistent, standard training message to all of their employees.

Here’s why. Traditional training may be conducted at different times, using several different trainers. Employees could have varying shifts or work from different sites or even from home.

Online health and Safety training eliminates those issues and ensures that your entire workforce gets the same delivery. On their own time, they will get the safety information and procedures you intended them to receive.

Make Your Safety Training More Effective

Make an honest evaluation about your current health and safety training program. Is it up to speed with current laws and government safety regulations? Were the people who created those materials have a degree in instructional design and health and safety?

The fact is, most people in workplace safety programmes got there because they’re experts in safety, not training. Partnering with an online health and safety training provider means that you are taking advantage of their expertise as their materials were crafted by instructional designers, safety experts, technical writers, graphic designers, audio engineers, eLearning authoring specialists, computer programmers, and others.

If you are looking to benefit from health and safety training courses in Midlands, why not get the help of professionals that have taken the time to create effective and engaging online material?

Reduce Your Safety Training Costs

Adopting online health and safety training will drastically reduce the cost of training, while maintaining or increasing effectiveness.

By reducing the need to hold all of your safety training in the instructor-led, classroom style delivery method will be one of the biggest areas that will cut down on costs. Leave classroom style training for when it is absolutely necessary and use online training for the majority of the time.

You’ll find cutting your use of instructor-led training saves a lot once you consider things like travel expenses, lodging, renting training locations, paying third-party training consultants, paying overtime, removing workers from their work responsibilities for longer than necessary, buying meals, snacks and refreshments, and so on.

You’ll also save costs on:

Training creation–all those videos, PDFs, and PowerPoints are going to be created by someone at your work, and you’re going to have to pay those people.

Training administration–informing workers of upcoming training, creating training records, storing training records, later accessing training records–all of this can be done more efficiently and for much less money with the help of automated systems.

Partnering with Prorisk Safety Management

When it comes to the health and safety of your employees, seeking out the best pays dividends. ProRisk health and safety capabilities draw together professional experiences across diverse business sectors culminating in proactive and workable solutions to ensure their clients meet their business objectives.

Whether the main aim is legal compliance or best practice, the effective management of health and safety is vital for any organisation.

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